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10.4.10 update hints at new iMacs

The Mac OS X 10.4.10 update was fairly significant because it was Apple's first .10 update, but it also included a few useful fixes. And as usual, people got to dissecting the update right away by looking through the list of installed files and finding changes related to the iPhone and the iMac. Well, maybe. While they have a pretty good accuracy record, update "hints" don't always translate to new or updated products. These two items in particular could be very plausible, however. 老域名出售

First up on the list is more about the iPhone. Since we've all been overdosing on iPhone news lately, this piece of news is mercifully brief. A new "YahooSync" framework was added in the 10.4.10 update, without being mentioned by Apple. Given that Yahoo is providing special "push" IMAP capabilities for email on the iPhone, it's quite likely this new framework has to do with this new service. The question is, why is it in OS X at all? The likely answer is that Mac users will be able to (or will need to) use their computer to sync their Yahoo address books with their iPhones, or read push e-mail from their iPhones on their Macs. Of course, the new framework could also be for some other task involving iPhones and computers talking to each other, so add that to the list of things that will be answered at launch.

Next up, new iMacs. The rumors regarding new iMacs have been getting increasingly more concrete, and it appears that the 10.4.10 update may have information about new iMac hardware. Several new display product IDs have appeared in 10.4.10 that weren't in 10.4.9, which suggests that the iMacs are getting new display panels. Granted, the existing iMacs could be getting panels from a new manufacturer, but given the repeated rumors of a late-summer update and the reported lower shipment volumes, it's far more likely that new iMacs are on the way. If you're waiting for a chinless iMac, keep an eye out for them starting in mid-July.


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