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Also sprach Moglen

Behold, the genius love-child of Noam Chomsky and Tom Friedman: Eben Moglen, telling a rapt audience how the new GPL3 license represents a major, world-altering stage in Human Progress. 老域名出售

You could read the transcript, or watch the video, but let me describe it to you (imagine me as Phil Hartman in his “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer” character):

An important man with lofty titles and much cultural capital flies on jet airplanes to many cities on many continents, holds meetings, talks with smart people about the changing world that we live in, and how it is now Flat… or more wired, or bottom-up, or something…. and then makes a great speech to a crowded room full of other like-minded people where, with dense prose and flat affect, he augustly proclaims the dawning of a shining new era in human experience, brought about at long last by himself and by the labors of those present (both physically and virtually)… the strains of Also sprach Zarathustra swell in the background, while the Blessed Mother Rand looks down from the other side of the Singularity and smiles.

It brings a tear to my eye, people… a tear to my jaded eye.

Postscript: A certain unnamed Ars staffer who saw the draft of this journal post created the following picture, which cracked me up:

I was actually reconsidering posting this entry, because the level of smarty-pants, tongue-in-cheek causticity is a bit much for even me in my old age. But hey, it’s my personal blog, and if I can’t poke fun at the utopian side of the “free culture” movment here, then where can I? Besides, I know that Mr. Moglen is a very smart guy, and it takes all kinds to make the world go round. There’s even a place for anarcho-communist techno-libertarian law professor/theologians like Moglen. As long as he never gets hold of any real power… At any rate, I’m sure if he ever sees this, he’ll take in in stride, secure in the knowledge that he has something that I will probably never obtain: tenure.


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