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NinjaBee has released two games on the Live Arcade already: Cloning Clyde and the addicting Outpost Kaloki X. This week, the developer come back with the turn-based tactical game Band of Bugs. The game promises gameplay deep enough for the more demanding audience yet inviting enough for casual gamers. That's a tall order, but let's not be downbeat. The feature list is impressive.

Choose to play through a story-based campaign, stand-alone missions or skirmishesStory-based campaign:
Action and adventure in a single-player
campaign story! Follow the adventures of young Maal as he leads an
elite team of bug warriors to protect the kingdom from evil insect
enemies.Stand-alone missions: Try your hand at one of these unique single-level scenarios. These short battles include
a background story, unique events and custom goals.Skirmish: Test your
skills on a variety of individual maps, including custom maps designed
by the player with
the in-game editor! Select a game type (Elimination, Capture, or
Escape) and choose to control any party in the battle to demonstrate
your superior tactical skill.Four unique multiplayer modes for up to 4 players either locally or over Xbox LIVE, including:
Elimination:The first team to lose all the bugs in one party loses the battle!Capture:Capture (or defend) a strong point.Escape:Reach an escape point, or stop the enemy from reaching it.Mission: A unique scenario with custom story, events, and goals.Challenge friends to Spider Hunter, a more relaxed game that allows up to 8 people to join and leave on the
fly!Use the game’s built-in
level editor to design your own custom scenarios for play against
others over Xbox LIVE (a first for an Xbox
LIVE Arcade game!)Xbox LIVE Vision camera support in all Xbox LIVE multiplayer modes.Mystery leaderboard where players earn points for items they are not told about – Players can check the board
and figure out what will help them get to the top of the leaderboard!

There seems to be a lot of meat here, and if the mechanics hold up to the laundry list of neat features we're in for a treat. The game will go for 800 points ($10). We'll give you a heads up when the game is released.


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