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The age restriction war is one that's always been a prominent issue in the games industry, but has been the talk of the town recently with the recent furor overManhunt 2. Now, another issue has popped up regarding the age restriction of game trailers. 老域名出售

Asthe result of a pair of pulled trailerscontaining "excessive or offensive content" for the upcoming title Dark Sector, the ESRB has ruled that the two trailersshould be"no longer available for consumers to view." According to D3 Publisher, though, the movies were requested to be taken down from the Internet despite being locked behind age gates. Likewise, 2K Games enjoyed a similar warning for trailers for their title The Darkness. These restrictions, of course, caused quite the stir.

To clarify the situation, ESRB president Patricia Vance made a statement regarding the decision to disallow the distribution of the trailer. According to Vance, the board "regularly monitors game ads and trailers" with a focus on enforcing the guidelines laid down inthe "industry-adopted Principles and Guidelines for Responsible Advertising Practices which were established in 2000." Vance went on to further explain the board's stance on age-gating:

Since 2005, ARC guidelines have required that trailers for M-rated games on publisher web sites be displayed behind an age gate to help restrict viewing to those visitors who are 17 and older. Game publishers are also required to use best efforts with respect to ensuring the presence of age gates on third party websites that display their M-rated game trailers. If a third party site insists on carrying a trailer for an M-rated game without placing it behind an age gate, our guidelines require the publisher to request that such trailer be removed and/or provide an edited version of the trailer to be used in its place.

As would be expected, all trailers are still required to conform to the ARC Guidelines, and the Dark Sector videos were apparently "likely to cause serious offense to the average consumer."Vance assured the gaming public that there was nothing out of the ordinary with the request for moderated content from D3 Publisher and other various studios, stating that "these notices have been occurring since [the establishment of the ESRB and ARC guidelines] seven years ago."


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