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I have a secret fear that although we only have one week remaining until iPhone launch, that won't be the end of iPhone mania. In fact, it may only be the beginning. But for now, we'll just pretend that it will be over soon, shall we? 老域名出售

TidBITS points out that there's a handy tool to help manage virtual machines in Parallels, and that tool is VM2Go. The $15 utility can copy VMs to another volume and list all Parallels VMs on that volume. If you use a ton of VMs, it might be helpful to keep your stuff in check.If for some reason you already have a smartphone and don't intend to switch to an iPhone when it comes out, you may or may not be secretly lusting for that delicious, lickable look. Apple writer Andy Ihnatko penned an article for the Chicago Sun Times this week that outlines how to turn your smartphones into iPhone-wannabes.Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has decided to weigh in once again on a few Apple gadgets, mentioning that iPod sales could reach 10 million for the June quarter. While 10 million is surely a lot, it's slightly below his previous prediction of 10.5 million. Why the downgrade, Gene? He also mentioned that he expects iMacs with a new form factor this fall.Google CEO Eric Schmidt has always been an iPhone fan, but he continues to play up Google's partnership with Apple over the device. He said in an event in Paris this week that the iPhone was a great platform for future Google technologies. Ooh, rumor anyone?The San Franciscan seafood restaurant featured in one of the iPhone ads, Pacific Catch, is now offering an iPhone calamari special, as pointed out by our friends at TUAW. Hey, may as well capitalize on all those jerks who keep calling about the iPhone ad, right?Many sites are reporting that Apple has begun setting up giant iPhone displays at various Apple Stores around the country. The displays involve large video demonstrations, among other things.Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs welcomes the iPhone to the market, according to a report from the Associated Press. He told the AP that the iPhone has caused phone makers to "step up their game," and that it will show how much average consumers are really willing to pay for technology.

Have a beautiful weekend, everybody! I'm still trying to unsync myself from California time, so I'll be sleeping.


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