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Google will not be the only Internet giant undergoing scrutiny for its recent advertising purchases. The Federal Trade Commission has decided to investigate Microsoft and Yahoo's recent acquisitions as well. Microsoft, which recently purchased online marketing company aQuantive for $6 billion, and Yahoo, which dropped a cool $680 million for 80 percent of ad firm Right Media that it didn't already control, will both be the subjects of an antitrust review by the FTC. 老域名购买

Google's $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick is getting a full, formal investigation from the FTC after consumer advocates raised concerns over data privacy. Other groups, such as AT&T and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, have called on the FTC and Department of Justice to closely scrutinize the acquisitions over antitrust concerns. In the wake of the advertising acquisition frenzy, Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo now control a sizable chunk of the online ad market, a development that has raised concerns not at only other ad firms, but also at companies that rely on a robust ad market.

The Microsoft and Yahoo deals do not appear to be getting the same level of scrutiny from the FTC—at least not yet. So far, the FTC has not made "second requests" of the companies for more data, a move that would indicate a more detailed investigation would be forthcoming.

A Microsoft spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal (subscription) that his company would cooperate fully with the FTC, adding that Microsoft "look[s] forward to addressing any questions the FTC may have."

Unlike the Google investigation, which was first centered around privacy concerns and has since expanded to include the antitrust angle, the FTC's decision to look at Microsoft and Yahoo centers around competitive concerns. Ironically, Microsoft pressured the US government to oppose the Google-DoubleClick deal for the many of the same reasons that the FTC is now looking at the Microsoft-aQuantive deal.


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