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As the iPhone's release date approaches, we continue to get more and more information. Yesterday, MacRumors got their hands on the AT&T Sales Training Workbook, and I must say that I am more disappointed than excited.老域名购买

Some of the listed features are common to the point of stupidity—the kinds of things you would fully expect to find in a sales training guide.

The iPhone vibrates!Audio alerts for new text messages!Shows how many text messages you have waiting!Speaker phone!

Others are things we already knew:

Safari supportGoogle MapsiPod functionality

It's the features that we weren't sure about that are becoming the real news:

No GPS mappingNo MMS support for pictures or videosNo Instant Messaging support

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the iPhone is missing some features that a lot of other smartphones already have. I guess when it comes right down to it, you have to ask yourself if the cool factor and built-in iPod functionality are enough for you to make the jump.

One has to ask if the lack of such features are software limitations on the part of the iPhone or service disagreements between AT&T and Apple. Perhaps GPS mapping is totally plausible with the iPhone hardware (there is no real reason to believe that it isn't), but service contracts and additional fees are a funny thing. Maybe there was just no good way to go about implementing it. The case for instant messaging seems similar. If the iPhone can run Safari and do text messages, chances are it could run iChat as well.

If I'm right, hopefully things will be resoled before launch and we will se a truly full-featured iPhone sooner rather than later.


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