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If you haven’t updated your iTunes to version 7.3 yet, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to hold off on that a bit longer. On the Apple forums people report getting the following error: 老域名出售

The iTunes Library File cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-50).

The error keeps popping up over and over, although one victim mentions it’s possible to say “don’t warn me again.” Both Mac and Windows iTunes users suffer from this problem, and a good number of them have their iTunes music on an external drive or have created custom sort orders. Reverting to iTunes 7.2 (see the forum thread) or using very old advice from Apple on how to restore an iTunes library seem to work, but aren’t particularly easy. There are also reports that deleting all video podcasts solves the problem. You can redownload by option-clicking the triangle that displays/hides the podcast episodes; this refreshes the feed so old episodes show up again.

Curiously, Apple has a support document—posted a week ago—describing the same error, but not related to the iTunes 7.3 update: it’s about the Mac OS X 10.4.9 update. Apparently, the error pops up when authorizing iTunes Store purchases, and the fix is rather strange: it requires deleting all your network settings.

It’s unclear how widespread the iTunes 7.3 problem is—I didn’t have any problems with the new iTunes myself. As is to be expected by now, there are some undocumented changes in this update. I noticed that podcasts are once again brought under the sound check regime so they should all be equally loud if you’re using the sound check feature.

I can’t help but feeling that Apple is spreading itself too thin these days, with product delays, lackluster keynotes, and bugs galore. We can only hope that Apple is now focussing on Leopard and not working on new products that require yet another port of OS X to a new hardware architecture.


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