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Live WWDC keynote coverage

Good morning Ars readers! We're at Apple's WWDC '07 keynote live, getting ready for things to get rolling. Lines were insane this morning; people have been saying that it's the largest WWDC attendance in history. Developers are expecting a lot out of today's keynote, including (of course) lots of Leopard announcements as well as iPhone info. So far there's nothing on stage but two displays, but the music is pumping and so is the crowd. 老域名购买

We'll be updating right here on this page, live, with transcriptions of what's going on during the 90-minute presentation. Refresh this page, and stay tuned for more!

Live updates (newest at bottom):

– People getting seated, music playing
– "PCguy"(JohnHodgeman)comesoutsays"I'mSteveJobs"
– Real Steve comes out, praises Intel switch
– 950,000 developers, 159 sessions this week
– 94 hands on labs, 1,200 apple engineers on site
– Steve invites Intel CEO Paul Otellini on stage, gives him a stainless steel design award
– EA's Bing Gorgon comes on stage, talks about his two teenage daughters with macbooks, all want games
– Command and Conquer 3 to come to OS X, BF 2142, NFS Carbon, Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix
– Harry Potter
– Simultaneous release of of Madden and Tiger Woods
– iD games news, John Carmack is going to demo something premiering today
– Tech is called iD Tech 5
– Build the game, make sure it's fun, put artists on it to work on it at the same time
– Demoing at E1 as well as quakecon in August, special Mac-related announcement at that time
– Onto Leopard. Currently 22 million Mac OS X users, 67% using Tiger
– Another 23% running Panther, only 10% running an older release than that
– 20 million out of 22 million running the current release
– Today we move beyond tiger to give a final look at Leopard shipping in October
– 10 new features shown (out of 300 new features)
– Leopard has a new desktop (background… har har!)
-Apple has come up with a desktop more suited to your digital photos with a menubar that adapts itself to whatever you want there
-New menu bar, new dock, "Stacks" to clean up your desktop
– Consistent window lok in Leopard, brushed metal is gone, more prominent active window
-What is Stacks? Folders in the doc, spread out over the desktop (looks sweet)

-Resolution independence, just zoomed way in on the desktop
-Demo of Stacks, dock shows reflections of icons as you move windows behind it
-2nd new feature: New Finder!
-New sidebar, more powerful, search other Macs & servers with Finder
-Sharing files has never been easy, but now it's really easy to browse & share files with other computers in a local network
-"Back to my Mac" lets .Mac subscribers share files with Macs over vast distances
-integrated Cover Flow in the new finder
-Look at all documents in Cover Flow
-New sidebar
-see all your devices, shared, places, search for stuff in the sidebar
-How does Back to Mac work? Say you have mobile computer and home computer
-When home comp gets new IP or laptop gets new one, it tells .Mac, and .Mac tells each computer the IPs (encrypted)
-You can browse your home comp from anywhere without having to keep up on IPs
– (demoing Cover Flow view) Can page through PDF pages, play videos, right in the cover flow view
-Cover flow over the network
-New tab called "Back to my Mac" in System Prefs for .Mac, now "Mac Pro at Work" pops up in the sidebar view (it may have crashed)
-Drag from cover flow view over to desktop, "and there you have it"
-3rd new feature: Quick Look
-Lets you instantly preview files without opening apps, works with all types of files
-People can write plugins for it, fullscreen previews
-"Boom, boom, boom"
-Taking a look at an excel document, multi page, page through, without opening Excel
-#4: Leopard is 64-bit, the same version of Leopard runs 64-bit and 32-bit apps, there aren't two versions
-First time that 64-bit goes mainstream in the PC world
-Loading both 64-bit and 32-bit apps side by side (4GB photo loading)
-We can see how much faster 64-bit version is running in applying filters to both photos
-81.64 seconds versus 21(?) seconds on 64-bit version
-5th feature: Core Animation
-Demoing movie like Apple TV intro except it's all live video and can be zoomed in, etc.
-#6: Boot Camp built into Leopard, no longer need to burn CD of drivers, etc.
-Great compliment to parallels and VMWare, showing Solitaire in Windows
-One of three great solutions, we love them all
-#7: Spaces
-Multiple desktops, like virtual desktops
-Can drag previews between spaces, can rearrange spaces
-Can view in 4-square or switch one by one with shortcuts
-#8 Dashboard, tons and tons of widgets
-Added new dashboard widget that shows movie times and lets you buy movie tickets
-Customers still want widgets that none of us make, so we're shipping new tech called WebClip
-WebClip lets you make widget out of anything on the Internet
-Demoing WebClip by selecting random parts of web pages and making widgets out of them, for example, 10 most searched Google terms made into a widget
-Creating Dilbert comic strip widget, can add picture frames to widgets
-Keep making widgets, for those of you not using Dashcode, it ships in Leopard and we strongly suggest you check it out
-#9: iChat
-Gotten so much feedback about videoconferencing, people use it to tie families together, it's very heartwarming
-Photo Booth vies with MySpace for kids to spend hours on, so we're bringing that over to iChat as well
-Better audio quality with new AAC codec
-Tabbed chats
-Photo Booth effects and backdrops for video chats
-Share photos and movies directly in iChat theatre when you're chatting with someone
-Share a keynote presentation in iChat theatre
-Watch transitions and effects just like watching together
-Demoing backdrops

-Can do crazy Conan O'Brian talking mouth things on all sorts of different people like George Washington and Steve Ballmer
-New iChat in Leopard is "pretty cool" with all sorts of new stuff like iChat Theatre and new backgrounds
-#10: "of course," Time Machine
-Almost no one backs up regularly, we're just regular time bombs
-Back up everything with one click, even wirelessly
-What happens when something goes wrong and you need to find a file? Lets you search back in time for lost files using Spotlight
-Preview files you find (to make sure they're the right ones) with Quick Look
-Can restore individual files or entire Mac, great new user interface
-To go back and search through time, push arrow and windows swoosh through and show you versions
-Push "Restore" and Boom! You've restored your presentation
-These are just 10 of the over 300 features in Leopard
-You're all getting copies today after the keynote
-We intend to ship this in October
-Basic version for $129, Premium version for…
-$129 (haha)
-Business Version: $129
-Ultimate version: $129
-One more thing…
-Want to expand Safari's market share
-Releasing Windows version of Safari
-Safari now exists for Windows XP and Windows Vista

-Speed, is it good? Running iBench on Windows XP machine between IE, Firefox, and Safari
-Safari wins at 2.2 seconds to load a page (versus 4.6 seconds on IE and 3.7 on Firefox)
-We now have the "fastest browser on Windows"
-Twice as fast as IE
-Demoing Safari now on Windows XP, showing all different websites
-New tab feature in all versions of Safari 3
-Drag tabs around
-Speed tests show that Safari is super-fast
-How are we going to distribute this? We don't really "talk" to these customers, do we?
-Turns out there's over a million downloads of iTunes per day, so we know how to reach these customers
-Releasing public betas today to everyone
-Free beta for Tiger and Windows (and Leopard)
–One last thing…
-iPhone released on June 29 at 6pm, 18 days away
-What about Developers?
-Really innovative new way to create mobile applications
-iPhone has full safari engine inside of iPhone
-Gives tremendous capability in a mobile device
-You can write amazing web 2.0 and AJAX apps that look & behave exactly like regular apps on the iPhone
-They can integrate perfectly with iPhone services (make call, send e-mail, look up location)
-Instant distribution after you write them
-Easy to update, just change code on your own server instead of complex update process
-Secure with same kind of security as with Amazon or with bank
-Run securely on iPhone
-Guess what? There's no SDK that you need
-You've got everything you need by using modern web standards
-you can go live on June 29
-Demo by Scott Forestall (VP of iPhone software)
-All your apps will run inside safari engine, same engine on Windows and OS X
-Build custom apps with same look and feel of the phone
-Built one for Apple Directory, which took less than one person month to do for iPhone
-Get everything, same scrolling, same columns
-Take advantage of built-in services with these web apps
-See an e-mail address on someone's app? Tap it and bring in the built-in e-mail composer
-Now we see awesome way to write apps for iPhone
-That's what today's about! We have an awesome week this week at WWDC
-1200 Apple Engineers on site
-Thank you, take care!

(The end.)


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