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Everyone waits with bated breath for the Great Mossberg's review of the iPhone, which we should expect to show up in the WSJ just before the iPhone launch later this month. 老域名购买

Since Mossy is the big man on campus when it comes to consumer electronics, he's already got his review unit, and while he's not spent a ton of time with it, he shared his impressions earlier today at an academic conference in D.C. put on by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Always the diplomat, Mossberg said that so far, there are things he likes and doesn't like, but he did not give additional details, except to comment briefly on the iPhone's on-screen keyboard: "They are claiming that through clever software they have figured out a way for this to be actually far more accurate and efficient than you think it will be, and I'm testing that proposition," he said. "And I can tell you that in the first hour it works a little better than I thought, but I'm still not sure it works as well as a regular keyboard, and the first hour is not a very fair test, so I'm going to keep going at it."

Mossberg does think the iPhone is special, though, calling it the "next elevation" of the cellphone because it runs a "real computer operating system," though how true that is compared to Linux-based offerings is debatable.

The on-screen keyboard is really the make-or-break feature of the iPhone, assuming that the claims of insanely bad battery life are just FUD. We shall see before too long, as Apple has a review unit with Jacqui's name on it, which she'll be reviewing for us later after spending some quality time with it.


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