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Never bring an iPhone to a wedding

I got a lot of crap for 1) joking around about missing a friend's wedding, and 2) actually having to miss parts of it (the rehearsal) due to the iPhone launch and an unfortunate series of events that led up to me being one of the only people on staff available to get one. A lot of you readers were genuinely afraid that I had actually missed the entire wedding, but my ninja-like planning skills allowed me to figure out a way to juggle multiple big events within a very short window of time. 老域名出售

That said, many of you still demanded proof, so here it is.

Bride (Liz), Clint Ecker, me, and groom (Logan)

You know that saying about never wearing white to someone else's wedding? Well, it should be modified: never bring an iPhone to a wedding.

People were coming up to me all day (and night) going "Wait… is that an iPhone?" Then, they would subsequently do what I call a "total freakout." The wedding photographer even had a slight lapse in sanity when I allowed him to play with it for several minutes. He later nicknamed me "Miss iPhone" during photographs and bragged to the other bridesmaids that he had gotten to touch an iPhone that day. Even the bride and groom each took a moment during the day to check it out:

The ever-so-charming west side of Cincinnati had been overtaken by iPhone mania that day, which made for a dandy wedding day after all.

So for those of you who cared deeply about this whole wedding debacle, rest assured that it all went down without a hitch and that I did not ditch my friends for a gadget (even if it was work-related). And for those of you who don't care, please feel free to continue sending me hatemail. Thanks!


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