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Years of observation at the Japanese arcade on campus of the finger-gymnastics necessary to play Guitar Freaks and Beatmania have left me fearing the adored music games of today, but for whatever reason Harmonix's Rock Band seems to get more and more attractive with each additional development. The latest news on the title comes by way of a big preview in the latest GameInformer issue, which provides crucial details on the mechanics of each of the instruments and some other information about the game's "campaign." 老域名购买

Players will be able to play through the main mode with any of the four instruments alone, or with three others in a massive symphony of co-op. The first batch of "original master tracks" for the game's campaign and free-play were noted in the article. Here's some of what you'll be rocking out to when the game ships:

Weezer — "Say It Ain't So"Black Sabbath — "Paranoid"The Who — "Won't Get Fooled Again"Nirvana — "In Bloom"

Though the game's guitar and bass are similar to the ones found in Guitar Hero, there are some new functions that will fundamentally change what axe-masters are capable of. First and foremost, the guitar and bass will both have double the frets; a whopping ten buttons will be on each of the instruments which are apparently for the new "solo sections." In addition, a five way switch will enable the application of various effects, like Flange, Wah, Echo and so forth that can be purchased via the in-game store and the whammy bar and tilt-sensing return.

The microphone, too, is a bit of an evolution from the current models available with the likes of SingStar. You won't be able to cheat your way through the game by humming. Rather, the game has a "phoneme detector" that targets phonemes produced during human speech. As an added bonus, the microphone will also double as a tambourine for certain songs.

Lastly, the four-piece drum set will include four pads with stands and a kick pedal. One pad represents the snare while the rest represent song-dependent toms and cymbals. Included will be a set of wooden Rock Band drum sticks.

Also mentioned in the update was a character creation system, which will allow players to unlock new gear and customize their rocker. With some great tunes, and some great controllers, Rock Band is shaping up to be quite the rhythm game indeed. Rock on.


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