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Mac users who also use Twitter tend to be huge fans of Iconfactory's Twitterrific application, and why shouldn't they? The app rules, looks good, and does the job well. (Check our our video interviews with developers from both Twitter and Twitterrific for more information.) 老域名出售

But Twitterrific isn't the only OS X-compatible Twitter app on the block. Written by Ars reader Ed Finkler, Spaz is still in its early stages (the most recent release is version 0.3.2). And even though Twitterrific looks cooler, is more advanced, and offers a lot more options, Spaz actually does a few things that Twitterrific does not.

For one, Spaz not only lets you view the public timeline and your friends' timeline, it also allows you to see (within the program) direct messages sent to you as well as replies that people have made in response to your "tweets." You can see those replies even if you haven't subscribed to the Twitter feeds of the people who have replied to you. So, if you have more followers than friends but some of those followers reply to something you say, you can see it within the app.

Currently in Twitterrific, there is no way to see these replies or direct messages; direct messages have to be viewed through the web interface, and replies can only seen by subscribing to an RSS feed. If you do all of your Twittering through one application, subscribing to the RSS feed just to see replies can be… odd.

A few other cool tidbits about Spaz is that you can double-click on any particular user, which then starts a public reply to that user. Double-clicking on a direct message starts a reply to the message. It also has multi-user support, so if you maintain multiple Twitter accounts for some reason, you can enter them all into the preferences and follow them all at once. There's also Growl support, if you're into that sort of thing.

The one major downfall (for me, and probably a lot of people) is that Spaz does not currently auto-update the timelines—you have to manually refresh them on your own. However, Ed told me that he is already tinkering with auto-refreshing (without breaking Twitter's rate limit) for the next version, and so we can probably expect to see that pop up pretty soon. From what I have seen of the next version thus far, Spaz will auto-refresh whatever timeline you are currently viewing, so you can even have it auto-refresh your replies timeline if that's what you want, you egotist you.

If you're dying to check out what else is out there, go ahead and give Spaz a try. It's available as freeware for Mac OS X, but also on Windows and Linux! However, Ed warns that currently there are no guarantees, and the pre-1.0 release means that there could be bugs. Don't hesitate to give Ed some feedback, though. Maybe there'll be some competition in the Twitter application space after all…


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