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Remember when Apple taught us how to type on the iPhone a few days ago? Well Apple released a new video today that teaches your fingers some navigational dance tricks on the iPhone. There are ten new pointers that Apple gives to new users so that they can get started using the basics of their iPhone. Here's a list: 老域名出售

    Silence the ring. To silence the ring, press "sleep wait" once to silence, or twice to send the call to your voicemail. If you want to silence all of your sounds, you can do so with the iPhone's silent ringer switch.Delete e-mail and text messages. To delete e+mail or text messages, simply slide your finger from left to right over the message in the Inbox and then click the delete button. If you decide you don't want to delete the message, click anywhere else on the screen.Favorites list. To add a contact to your favorites speed-dial list, tap the favorites button, then tap the plus to add contact. Click edit to rearrange or remove favorites. Tap the blue arrow next to a contact name to view all of that person's contact details.Assign a ringtone or caller photo. To assign a ringtone or photo, tap edit on a contact, then add a photo. You can take one with camera or choose from your photo library. Click assign ringtone to add a ringtone.More song controls. Touch your music. While a song is playing, tap album art to see controls like shuffle and repeat. Tap again to hide them. Tap list to see the list of songs on an album, tap a song to play. Rotate iPhone to see all your albums in Cover Flow.Browse in Cover Flow. To view your music albums in Cover Flow form like in iTunes, rotate your iPhone 90 degrees to scroll through album art. Click any album to see the tracklist, then click any track to play.Magnify to edit. Add something to a list or change your e-mails by touching and holding your finger on the text that you want to edit. After a moment, a magnifying class will appear. Move your finger to change insertion point with cursor. Type.Mail preferences. Email preferences can be adjusted by tapping settings, then mail. To add an e-mail account, tap e-mail, then account. You can have multiple e-mail accounts. To set how often the iPhone checks your e-mail, tap auto check then choose your interval. Checking less frequently will increase battery life. To increase or decrease font size, tap e-mail font size.Set a passcode. You can protect your iPhone with a 4-digit passcode. Tap settings, general, passcode lock. Enter a 4-digit code and verify. The passcode will now be required whenever iPhone turns on or awakes from sleep. With the passcode on, you'll still be able to make emergency calls. To reset your passcode, dock it to your computer to restore it.Reset your iPhone. If an application isn't responding, press and hold the home button for six seconds, then the home screen will appear and the application will close. To reset your iPhone, press and hold the sleep/wake button and the home button for about 8 seconds, or until you see the apple logo.

Hope this helps all you lucky line-waiters that come home with an iPhone today who are looking for a few brief pointers.


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