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I don't know if you can tell by the fact that I'm typing this while wearing my Optimus Prime helmet, but I'm something of a Transformers fan. I've been playing the game, reviewing the toys, and of course looking forward to the movie, cringing. It's not that I think Michael Bay is going to mess it up, it's that I think he's going to mess it up big. Fortunately for me, the early reviews have been actually positive. An Evil Avatar contributor had a chance to see an early screening, and he has nice things to say: 老域名出售

Really, this is the best action movie based on Transformers that I could have possibly hoped for. Note that I say "action movie based on Transformers" and not "Transformers Movie." The movie is great, but the G1 purist in me wishes that the Transformers themselves had more screen-time. The Transformers didn’t get a whole lot of screen-time when they weren’t blowing things up, or racing around looking cool – which meant the robotic characters felt a bit underdeveloped. That was detrimental (specifically to the autobots) and lessened the emotional culmination of the film… And to be fair, the movie contains roughly about the same amount of character development as a episode or two from the series does… the only reason that the Transformers from the series have 'character' is that we got to see them over the course of about a thousand episodes.

One of our forum-goers, continuum, saw the film at an LA Film Festival, and gives us an honest answer about what to expect.

very good CGIrobotsexplosionsgunsconstant actionno plot whatsoever (well, the barest hint of one)modest amounts of cheese

That's better than I expected, if we're truly only going to get "modest" amounts of cheese. This has my hopes up more than they should be, which means I'm setting myself up for disappointment.


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