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We've been testing the iPhone for a few days now, and while it's still too early to reveal the full results of our testing, we feel compelled to note that the iPhone and Windows Vista do not always play well together. If you're heading out to pick up an iPhone and you're a Windows Vista user, be prepared to wrestle with your computer. 老域名出售

We have three Windows Vista computers available to us for testing, and on two of the three machines, there are consistent problems. On the third, the problems are not consistent, but we're still running into them at random times. At this stage, we're prepared to say that iTunes 7.3 appears to be a considerably flawed release.

Here are the problems we're experiencing, in no particular order:

'AppleMobileDeviceHelper' crashes. A lot. When
your phone is connected and interacting with iTunes, it can die for no apparent
reason. When this happens, we have to disconnect the iPhone, kill iTunes, and
start over. Synchronizations aren't truly completing,
probably related to the problems with AppleMobileDeviceHelper. iTunes reports
that e.g., photos have synced, but popping onto the iPhone, there are no synced
photos. Or, one time, about half the photos synced.iTunes, on one machine, causes Windows Explorer to crash within just a few minutes of iTunes loading. On this same machine, iTunes would not install until Explorer was stopped, but of course Explorer is not meant to be stopped, since it runs the Taskbar, etc.. iTunes 7.3 and iPhone don't work with Windows
Vista 64-bit editions at all. (Same is true for 64-bit XP.)

I suppose we should have seen this coming, since iTunes has not had acceptable performance on Windows Vista since its launch (I know, because I actually like iTunes and use it anyway, every day). We keep waiting for Apple to release a magical update to make it work like it should, but now almost six months after Vista's retail launch, we're still seeing software that doesn't play well with Vista. Blame whomever you wish: we just find it annoying.

The good news is, if you battle through all of the problems, eventually you will get your iPhone synced, and it will work. Amazingly, we had absolutely no activation problems, and that's the one place where a problem could leave you dead in the water.

I want to note that while we have had frustrations, a close contact to Ars tells me that he's had no problems with the iPhone on Vista, although he originally set up his phone on XP. We're looking into what differs between his system and our testbed to see if we can ferret out any more information.

We'd love to hear from any of you who are or aren't having problems with Vista and the iPhone.


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