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It wasn't long ago when VMWare released an update to their most recent beta, but as the official release date draws nearer, the releases are becoming more and more final. That said, VMWare surprised us this week when the company announced that it had updated the beta version of the software to Release Candidate 1.0. We're finally in the home stretch, folks. 老域名出售

RC1 of Fusion comes with updates to the much-lauded "Unity" feature (Fusion's version of Parallels' Coherence feature). Added to Unity were drag and drop capabilities, an Applications menu so that Windows apps can be launched from the Dock, and "experimental support" for Unity in Vista, Windows 2k, and Windows Server 2k3.

VMWare also says that RC1 comes with better Mac integration when it comes to command-tabbing your way through windows and Exposé support. You can even do things like run QuickSilver or Launchbar while in Fusion as you would on a Mac without worrying about triggering some weird Windows commands. However if you want, you can disable these things so that all keyboard and mouse functions go directly to the virtual machine instead of to your Mac.

Other improvements made to Fusion RC1 include better Boot Camp support, restored 3D support for Intel GMA950 graphics cards, and improved experimental support for Leopard. We'll have to rely on our Leopard-using friends to let us know how that goes, I guess. Check out the full release notes to see everything that's been improved in this release.

Again, we can expect the final version of VMWare Fusion for Mac to be out before the end of August (just before Leopard hits in October), and it can be preordered for a mere $39.99 per license before it ships. After that, Fusion will go for $79.99.


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